Mary Lou Manizer // Cindy Lou Manizer Highlighters - £19.99 each (Superdrug)

Can you imagine a make up routine without using any highlighter? The thought of not using some sort of highlighter in my make up routine is actually breaking me out into a cold sweat. Now normally if the term highlighter is mentioned - the first items which come into my mind are Mac Soft and Gentle, the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kits and then Becca Shimmering Light Perfectors. Believe it or not, I'm not really a fan of these. Hands down my holy grail highlighter (and the only one I ever reach for) is The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer. 

In my opinion Mary Lou is far more pigmented on my skin than Becca's Opal or ABH Glow Kit and comes up as more of a golden/champagne shimmer on the skin. This has been my go to highlighter - on the cheeks, cupids bow, inner corner of my eyes and also on my brow bone. Honestly I can't get enough of it - if I could bathe in it I would. Recently I picked up Cindy Lou Manizer, which on my skin tone is predominately used as a blusher as its got a quite a pink undertone. 

What sets these apart from other highlighters which I've tried is the formula, considering these are so highly pigmented, the powder is so buttery and so blendable. Literally if you use the smallest amount with the lightest hand, you will still be blinded by the highlight. Personally I like to pack this on, and previously I would use the Real Techniques Setting Brush, however since picking up the Anastasia A23 Brush from Sephora, this is the best brush to use for highlighter and well worth investing in it. Normally for during the day I'll apply this straight from the pan, however for a night out I normally either wet the brush using fix plus then apply, or I'll put some on, set my face with a setting spray and then while my skin is still slightly tacky go in and apply more highlighter. Are you a fan of The Balm? What are your favourite highlighters?