Any time I go away, everyone who I go away with is sat in the bar having a few pre flight drinks, then you've got me hiding away in duty free until I have to board my flight. I'm not going to lie, take off on a plane scares me and gives me really bad anxiety. So part of my flying routine, I like to walk around duty free to take my mind off things (and it's an excuse to have a splurge). One item which I will always only ever buy from duty free (or get people to get me a bottle when they go away) is fragrance - more specifically anything Tom Ford. Normally the 50ml bottles normally retail in duty free for about £60, normally a £15 saving from the high street. 

I should also note that before going to duty free I make a list of what I need and what I would like and the high street prices. I also go the extra step to make sure I note how much I would get in Boots points also and whether the amount in points is greater than the saving, I would buy it in Boots. Oh I take my duty free shopping very seriously. The next items were what I managed to pick up on my New York trip - the duty free in JFK was ridiculously overpriced, so nothing was bought. However the one thing which I had to pick up whilst running for my Amsterdam flight was Dior's BB Cream (Shade 002) which I believe was about £5 cheaper than in Boots. This was the only thing I initially wanted and only had time to grab, however Newcastle Airport's duty free has been done out since last time I was there, so I was gutted not to be able to have a good mooch about.

The last two things were picked up on the way back from New York at Amsterdam Airport - now I've learnt many years ago that MAC is more expensive here than it is back home, however I was pleasantly surprised to see Glam Glow and Anastasia Beverley Hills in their duty free. As I'd stocked up on ABH in New York and didn't really fancy any Glam Glow, However what I did spy was that skincare had quite a few large discounts - Origins had the best discounts by far and I managed to pick up their Ginzing moisturiser for about £16 and their Drink Up Intensive Mask (100ml) for Angela for about £19. I also spied an industrial sized (slight exaggeration) bottle of Clarins Camomile Toner 400ml for about £23. I now know these are available on their website, however for an extra £4 from what I would normally pay for double the amount, I couldn't really let this offer pass. 

Personally I think that if you know what you want and have an idea of prices (or google while you're there), you can get some real bargains at duty free. Plus if it calms me down before a flight - I'm all for it. What are your duty free must haves?