Remember me? It's been a while hasn't it, since you've seen a post on here - think it's been one of the longest breaks I've ever been on. If I'm honest life has taken over and here has taken a back seat, however I'm not boring you with that. During my absence, I've really started to appreciate exercise and using my time at the gym or walking at lunch or on a night as my time to really switch off and have me time. So instead of spending my money on clothes/beauty products, I've been spending money on gym wear and I thought that I'd share with you some of the items which I am lusting after now that it's (finally been) payday.

Two items are from a brand which is new to me, Manière De Voir - first up is their slashed mesh back vest - by far my top of preference for the gym. More so now that we're coming into Summer and there's always a fight for the fans at the gym - anything which is light weight is a win with me. Also from the range is this mesh overlay crop top, which can be worn by itself if you're feeling brave, or like me you could wear it under a vest. Also with these both being black, you can wear them with any type of gym legging.

Personally depending on my mood, I will either wear bright leggings while working out, or plain black. I've picked two types of leggings in this wishlist to show you how much I vary from one extreme to another. Those who know me, know how much I love leopard print and these leggings from Only Play are screaming out to me. However considering I work right next to an Adidas Outlet, the majority of my gym leggings are Adidas and as we're coming into warmer weather it's time to get the 3/4 length leggings out.

I did include a pair of trainers in here - as I am partial to a pair of Nike trainers when working out, however I have realised that I currently have six (yes six) pairs of gym trainers. Do I really need another pair? However one thing which I do need, is a new water bottle and as I am partial to pizza, I thought that this bottle from Ban-Do is right up my street. Now that we're into Summer (or just about to) are you on a health/gym kick like me?

* In collaboration with Manière De Voir