There's always been that saying if you want to make a change, you don't need to wait til a certain time of the year - i.e. New Years Resolutions and the whole "New Year, New You" bollocks. I do feel like I'm well and truly contradicting myself here, because I'm playing on the whole Lent card to try and make some changes. Since becoming a home owner, well actually before, I've always been very good with money - dare I say it even sensible. Even when I moved into my house, earning a substantial amount less than what I am on now, I would always prioritise things - if I wanted a night out, I knew I couldn't go and have a blow out shopping. It was always one things or the other, and that was fine.

Over the last few months, something has finally hit home and I've realised that the amount of things I have, I don't actually need. Like the time Garnier Micellar Water was on offer in Asda for £2 (down from £5 so it was a bargain) and I cleared the shelf and bought 5 bottles. Now as that's the only micellar water I use, it's not a case of buying things for buying sake - I've actually saved money, but the point is, did I really need to buy 5 bottles? Probably not. I've been obsessed with decluttering videos and I think this has really helped hit home about what I need and what I don't need. I've literally just ordered a table for my kitchen... four years after being in the house. Instead prioritising having a life, over buying the essentials for my house. 

Even though I would call myself a "beauty" blogger, since moving out I'd really reigned in my spending on beauty products and would only buy products in the Christmas sales, IMATS in the Summer and then if anyone was going to Sephora (Ang) would kindly bring me things back. However more and more items were being bought for the sake of it, between these. 

The same can be said about clothes, see something I like on instagram and before you know it, I've ordered it. Growing up I always said I wanted a walk in wardrobe, and luckily I've been able to achieve that. However looking at my clothes, I always end up gravitating towards the same items. Having a Topshop personal shopping session last year has really helped me open my eyes as to what my individual style is and not to buy anything and everything I see. I do know that I need to go through all my clothes and be brutal and have a massive clear out. 

So the point of this post, for Lent, I'm not buying any beauty products or any items of clothing. There is an exception to this though - I can still buy essentials (cotton wool/toothpaste/tooth brush) and I may pick up taupe lipstick from MAC as a back to mac (technically it's free). However there will be no clothes bought what so ever, in the effort to go through my wardrobes and see what I actually have. Now I bet you're asking why the diet coke... that is a challenge within itself, I don't drink this everyday, however I could easily polish off a bottle over a weekend. Surely this can't be good for you, so it needs to stop. Believe it or not this has been the challenge - shopping has been fine, wanting a ice cold can of diet coke when you feel ill - torture. Lets see how long I can stick to this.