Mom Jeans (Similiar) // Hale Deep Cut Boots // Oversized Sheer Stripe Shirt (last year) - all Topshop

Since having a personal shopping appointment with Topshop last year, hand on heart it's completely changed the way I shop. Instead of buying items on a whim, wearing once and then never to be touched again, or still hanging in my wardrobe with the tags on, I'm trying to be more savvy when it comes to shopping. Yes I know I'm on a spending ban for lent, and prior to this ban I would still pick up items on a whim, but just not to the extend I would have previously.

I know now what suits my body shape and know it's better to invest in pieces which I can wear over and over again. Now if you've been following the blog for a while you will know that jeans/shirts are basically my go to staple pieces. However instead of wearing flats I've recently being embracing a heeled boot - more specifically Topshop's Hale Deep Cut boots. Honestly since buying these last year I can't stop wearing them. They're dressy enough for a night out, but also dress up a simple outfit. Also instead of skinny jeans, I'm actually wearing my first (and only) pair of Mom jeans - it's taking some getting used too, however I do think they are more flattering than skinny jeans.

Even though ironically this outfit is top to toe Topshop, I have actually been applying the styling tips I received to other stores. I will do a post explaining my personal shopping experience and what I learnt from it and whether it is worth it. For those who have been missing my beauty posts, not to worry there'll be a beauty post later in the week - finally managed to get some photos done today, oh and there may be a little Sephora haul. FYI - this was arranged before Lent, so technically I haven't broken the ban.