Well this feels very very strange - after only publishing 28 posts last year, I'm finally feeling motivated enough to sit down and write a post. There's no real excuses as to why last year I just couldn't be arsed to blog, apart from the fact that I lacked motivation and time, as well as not being arsed. Those who know me in real life, as an actual person knows that this isn't my full time job - it doesn't pay my mortgage, allows me to buy clothes, or products to review on here - my job does. At the end of the day the blog was and still is a hobby, however work comes first and last year has been crazy.

Those who follow me on social media, will know that with the exception of Instagram, I've also taken a back seat - I've stopped sharing aspects of my life and only shown what I have wanted to show you, when I've wanted to show you. This is where I feel I'd fallen out of love with this little space on the internet - I didn't want to blog for the fun of it, I felt like I had too, add that pressure onto other pressure and I just thought fuck it - I'm not doing this and so I had an extended break. The plan was to come back in January in the New Year, however life got in the way and gave me a big wake up call as to not taking things for granted.

I won't lie to you and say that 2017 was amazing, yes the back end of the year was brilliant, however parts of the year were shit. I suffered with prolonged ill health and other personal issues, but taking the positive out of any situation, I realised that for once in my life I needed too put myself, my feelings and my happiness first. No more pleasing people and guess what, I haven't looked back. Anything which is thrown at me (trust me the start of 2018 has been horrible), you just have to smile and take the positive from it and be grateful for what you have.

Moving forward I'm doing things for me and only me - if I want to post, I will. If I don't, I won't. I do want to start posting more regularly, however with three massive projects coming up at work - that is where my focus has to be, as that pays my bills and regardless of how much I complain about my job, I do actually enjoy it (keep that to yourself). However after a pitiful 28 published posts - surely I can beat that for 2018? So that's where we are, you're up to speed with everything and I've only got another 28 posts to go to beat last year - bring it on.