Well if you saw my Facebook post from the other week, you will know how my giving up for Lent went. In a nutshell...shite. Actually that is a lie, I was doing really well and then I had a bad day at work and Lucy bought me some Diet Coke and well she's getting the blame for it. Then by having the Diet Coke it then sent Angela straight to the chocolate. Also with MAC now being sold on ASOS and needing a foundation and having a £10 off voucher and then 10% discount it was practically free.

However I will be honest with you - the foundation was always a planned purchase during Lent, also getting three Back to MAC lipsticks too. But as the lipsticks were free, they don't count as purchasing. Then as I'd caved on the Diet Coke and Make Up, I ended up doing an order on ASOS while there was 20% off. The plan was to put an order in today, however with 20% off I am saving a little bit more money.

What I have learnt through this experience, apart from the almighty cock up at the end, is how much money I have saved and that includes buying a £600 table and chairs set. Now I do know I can stick to these spending bans and I do give so much credit to those who can do no buys for months and months at a time. However I have decided that what I am going to do is go on a complete no buy with the exception of petrol and food shopping for April and this is something which I feel that I can do. I will still be able to socialise, just not waste my money on things which I don't need. The only main exception to this will be that my car needs servicing and if I need to buy anything car related to go with that. 

I honestly think I can do this, and whilst I was on the ban before I found it really easy to avoid shops, or if I needed to go in to say Boots for a prescription, I'd go in to the counter and then leave. This again may be famous last words however as I am about to buy some Gucci Princetown Slippers in May (already saved up for). I am going to stick to my guns (pinky promise).