Mom Jeans (Similiar) - Topshop // Blazer Dress - Topshop (Last year) //  Jumbo XL Bag - Chanel // White Converse - ASOS // Weekday Tee - ASOS

... when you really can't be bothered. Considering how rubbish the weather is and the fact that the older I get the more I can't cope with the cold, I'm well and truly in hibernation mode. However when I am dragged against my will outside the warmth of my house, my dilemma is trying to look semi dressed, when I'd rather be in scruffs.

The simplest way I always find to make an effort with an outfit but not really make that much of an effort, is either wear heels, or throw on a blazer. However in this case my blazer is actually a blazer dress from Topshop. Who needs to buy a separate blazer when I can make do with what I've got, plus the fabric is much more loose and less structured that a typical blazer. Plus if I don't want to wear it as a blazer I can always wear it as a dress.