Potentially tipped as the biggest battle in the makeup world currently - are you Team Tarte or Team Revolution when it comes to high impact, high coverage concealer? I know that everyone has posted about these, however I thought I would sit back, try and compare both and then make a judgement. Believe it or not when I picked up shades C3 and C4 from my local Superdrug, there was girls going through the drawers trying to find their shades - it was I believe the first week they were released and to be honest with you, it's a trick I would do given the opportunity.

Unfortunately most of the darker shades were sold out, as ideally I wanted a darker concealer to try cream contouring, however instead I just picked up two shades which I could use on a daily basis on my natural skin tone. For £4 they're on par with Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer - however the applicator on the Revolution one is much better, and there's more product. I think first up a massive thumbs up for the number of shades of concealer available, as well as how accessible this range is to purchase (unlike Shape Tape).

You probably will have heard all the controversy regarding Tarte and their Shape Tape Foundation, which is very disappointing from a brand considering the vast amount of shades which is available in their concealer range. Once I managed to get my hands on this (I got the shade fair-neutral), I've loved it, it's full coverage and like nothing which is on the market in the UK. Obviously Revolution have now taken that crown and I would say that if I had tried this and never the Tarte, I probably wouldn't buy it.

Both concealers are full coverage, both have similar applicators, and a vast shade range. The only deciding factor for me is the following - I find that after a full day at work the Revolution concealer does look a bit cakey and sinks into those bloody fine lines which after the day I've had, I'm not acknowledging them ok. However considering this is on for at least a good 9 hours plus, I'm really not that bothered about a bit of creasing. This doesn't happen with the Tarte Shape Tape - so that is your deciding factor. If you don't mind a bit of creasing - go Revolution, if you can't bare to have any creasing go for the Tarte (only when it's free shipping to the UK though). Are you Team Revolution or Team Tarte?