First and Third Pictures Courtesy of Lucy G

Sephora, the beauty obsessive's holy mecca. Believe it or not I'd never even heard of Sephora until I started getting into watching YouTube videos and from the blogging community. However the fact that there isn't a Sephora in the UK made this store even more of a bigger deal. I've been very lucky to have friends who have been able to bring me things back when they've been in the US, however I've always been jealous of them being in store, being able to experience Sephora for all of it's beauty goodness.

Luckily when I went to New York, I managed to spend some serious money in there. Apparently I've been told that when I saw the Times Square store, a loud high pitched noise came out my mouth. I even videoed walking into the store for the first time to send to my enabler Jenna and I'm sure I even sent her a snap story of me shopping in one of the stores. Anyway what is funny and the whole point of this post is the fact that my first ever Sephora experience didn't live up to the hype for me and I was a bit disappointed. 

One thing which I couldn't get my head around and this is purely due to custom here in the UK is the fact that you can try all the products without a sales assistant batting an eye lid. Now picture the scene, I'm stood swatching Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz on my hands to see what shade I wanted to purchase, and I look to my right to see someone applying a full face of foundation with her fingers. I actually gagged at this. It was at this point I realised that most people in store were making free use of all the testers and applying them directly onto their faces. Now I'm all for people trying products on the basis that they are doing it in a sanitary way - however the way these people were going on it was as if the products were their own.

People stood using nail polish samples to give themselves a manicure was another thing which I saw. But I think my bug bearer was the fact that sales assistants were literally stood next to them. If that happened back here you'd be told to put it back and leave. Seeing this, it really put me off swatching items and put a dampener on my first ever Sephora experience. Luckily many (there was about another 4) of the other Sephora's which I was in the experience was completely different in a positive way.

Want to know the best thing what happened in Times Square store - while I was queuing and trying to avoid temptation in the aisle of doom, a woman walked into the store, up to the Ouai stand, sprayed her hair with dry shampoo and walked back out again with not a care in the world. Brazen or what. If you have any Sephora horror stories let me know.