So it appears that Summer has been and gone in the UK - I'm currently sat with a hot water bottle on my lap and wrapped up in a massive hoodie. However lets cast our minds back to last weekend, when Summer was upon us and I finally had the opportunity to wear my new Topshop dress. After seeing this on A Style Album, I had to pick it up before it sold out online. Even though I still haven't really started my mass wardrobe clear out, I do know that my wardrobe is missing on midi dresses - 95% of my wardrobe consists of mini dresses.

What I love about this dress is the fact that you can dress it down - like I have done with these buckle boots again from Topshop, or with heels for a night out. It is worth noting that it is near enough backless so for during the day I wear this with a black slip underneath. I feel like once upon a time on here I would share pretty much the majority of my life, however over the last year I've really pulled myself away from what I share online now. I like to keep that air of mystery about me. However what I will share with you is that I have been given a new job - finally got the term senior in my job title (oh the power - jokes). 

Those who know me, know that my one true love is a good designer accessory, and I feel it's the only way of marking the occasion of me achieving something on a personal level. As much as I would kill for a week or two in the sun (Angela hint hint take me to Florida), we all know where my money is going to be spent. I have been toying with buying the Gucci Princetown Slippers, however going by my track record of ruining shoes, and the fact that I don't see designer shoes as being "special", I think another handbag is going to be on the cards. Unlike my Chanel bags and my Chloe Drew bag, I want a handbag which can be either dressed up or down. I've started to do my research as I will (hopefully) be purchasing it sometime in May. Any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh and my new hair post will be coming soon - even though you can see it in the picture, Amy is going to share her secrets with you.