Happy Easter - hopefully you've been eating lots of chocolate today. So my week of mass decluttering is nearly at an end, however I've still got mountains and I mean mountains of work to go. However whilst sorting through my beauty products, I thought in a bit of a new series on here I would share with you my top picks of American Beauty and what I would recommend you purchasing from Sephora, Ulta and for today's post the Drugstore. These items were bought in Walgreens and CVS - personally I find that the only difference between these is that Walgreens appears to stock half of the brands you would find in Boots - No7, Soap and Glory, Sanctury to name but a few. Word of warning though - if you're from the UK just buy anything from these brands in Boots as it's much cheaper.

Anyway for the drugstore there is two categories which I normally go for and that is whitening toothpaste and hair care. I honestly don't know what it is however whitening toothpaste from America is far better than what you can buy over here. One brand I normally stick to is Crest Brilliance toothpaste which really whitens your teeth and also their whitening strips. I know you can buy these from eBay however you always need to be careful with sell by dates etc and whether they are fakes. When it comes to my teeth I'd recommend spending that little bit more to know you've got an authentic product. A new product which I have been using over the last week is Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant which you use in conjunction with your normal toothpaste. Now this tastes vile, however I've really noticed how whiter my teeth are becoming. I will be getting Angela to buy me some more of this when she is America later in the year. However one thing which I noticed while in New York is how expensive toothpaste and toothbrushes are.

Since being an avid reader of Allure (which you can buy from the drugstore), I find that instead of reading the articles, I pay more attention to the adverts and what products you can not buy in the UK. One of which was Not Your Mothers which I would say is a similar brand to say John Frieda/Lee Stafford/Toni & Guy - their range of hair products is vast and there is at least five products in each hair type which is amazing. I do want to try their dry shampoo and sea salt spray, however their hair growth range I am obsessed. Initially this was bought purely to help strengthen my hair and I have to say this product does work. I've noticed around the front of my hair which normally snaps off is the longest it's ever been. I wish some of these brands would come over to the UK, but then would it not take the fun out of Drugstore shopping??